Bixa operations started 30 years ago for purposes of processing bixa annatto into the water soluble powder called Norbixin.  Bixa crop was introduced to Kenya by the Japanese in collaboration with the Kenya Government to the coastal region due to favourable climatic conditions with an objective to support sustainable economic development of the region.

Today bixa, locally referred as ‘mrangi’, remains one of the top cash crops in the region. Over the years production, capacity increased from 25mt to stand currently at over 90 mt of Norbixin annually. Other by-products include bixin (oil soluble), annatto, annatto oil and Jephra.

We are today the leading supplier of high quality annatto and annatto extract in the world. Our bixa business is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We acknowledge the confidence our customers have had on our products over the years. We believe in long term relationship and over the years our delighted customer base continues to grow.

Our bixa business offers the following to the various stakeholders

1. To our customers - Healthy living - Bixa seeds are organically produced and processed into high quality and safe natural food colors that meet international standards.

2. To the Government – Economic contribution - Products are exported earning our country foreign exchange and creating jobs.

3. To the Community - Improving standards of living- Bixa is one of the few remaining cash crops in the coastal region economically sustaining local communities especially in Kwale, Msabweni and Lamu districts.

4. To our farmers – Awareness and training - The Company continues dissemination on the economic benefits of the Bixa crop. Training on the crop husbandry and storage to improve quality of Bixa seeds.

5. Improved yield- Through research the company continues to better the yield per tree by providing high yielding seedling varieties. Seedlings are given free of charge.