Poultry business

 ... the home of Golden Chik and Golden chicken.

We, Kenya Bixa Limited,  mark our 5th anniversary this year since the launch of Golden Chik brand in the market. We are happy that our broiler day old chicks continue to perform exceptionally in the East African market. We produce our own hatching eggs from our breeding farm in Shimoni. We are the pioneers of artificial insemination and cage rearing system in the region

Kenya Bixa Limited is a leading producer of day old chicks and chicken capons namely Golden Chik and Golden Chicken respectively. The company diversified into poultry in 2004 to cushion itself from the risk of relying on one product at a time when the bixa market was not as lucrative. It has since grown into a fully integrated sector comprising breeding farm, hatcheries and broiler processing.

Through technical collaboration with VH group of India, Kenya Bixa Limited has been able to establish on of the most advanced poultry husbandry and processing in the region. The company maintains this collaboration in technological areas for improvement of productivity at both breeding farm and hatchery.

With the support of VH group, Kenya Bixa Limited is today one of the few companies to implement artificial insemination (A.I) and cage systems for breeder layers in Africa. The two techniques have been implemented successfully, leading to a higher productivity, efficiencies and better quality chicks.
Kenya Bixa Limited operates an integrated poultry system comprising breeding farm, hatcheries and broiler commercial.